Top Pupil Tracking Tips

If you’re going to be using pupil tracking software – whether you’re dipping your toe in whenever you need to or whether you’re taking on an administrative role and directly overseeing the database, there are a few things you need to know about how to use it. So, here we give you a few tips that will help you navigate the pupil tracking software of your choice.

Liaise with the Concerned Parties

You may have the job of handling the data, but others may be required to act on it, notably the teachers. And they may not be so versed in the language of pupil tracking software. So, if there is any data that needs addressing concerning students’ development or welfare, offer them the opportunity to talk them through it to clarify they know how to carry out the suggestions.

Make the Data Approachable to Audiences…

While the teachers and administrators are going to be getting the full brunt of the reports, some of that data may need to be made available to parents or school governors, if only from a reference point, so try not to bog the report down in unfamiliar jargon.

…But Also Keep Track of Audiences

Because this is personal data relating to children, you can’t make this information readily available to anyone, even if that person is in a position of trust. Keep track of who has accessed the information, for how long, and the result of usage.

Find a Timely Process

You’re going to need to find a process that works for you, but one of the biggest assets of these systems is they save time on the admin. Much of the time-consuming should come at the beginning of the integration when you’re getting your head around the system. But you’re going to need to learn fast if you’re going to be inputting data, collating it and acting on it.

Keep the Password Secure

If you’re dealing with software that comes with a lot of passwords, firewalls and secret answers, it helps to consider how you’re going to keep it secure. Maybe consider using a covert document that contains the details or perhaps make the passwords consistent. But be covert about where you share it and who you share it with. We’ve all fallen for the mistake of writing it down on a post-it to be misplaced.

Make Sure Integrations with Other Software Are Possible

Chances are, the bulk of the information you store will be contained on the pupil tracking software, but you may have to make use of other forms of software, especially if you’re transferring all the information from an existing database. So, these systems need to function seamlessly and consistently.

Backup, Backup, Backup

We’re all been through that period where we have done a mountain of online work, only to lose it when the computer decides to play up. Given that you are acting with personal data that requires a fairly sharp response time, you can’t leave it to chance; you have to make sure that data is always backed up. And if losing it is inevitable, then you need to make sure that it is recoverable.

Hopefully, you have a better idea as to how to get the most out of software and maintain a thorough and cautious approach to student development.

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About the Author: Danny White