Wonderful Indonesia

The Legend of Lake Toba

Lake Toba is situated in North Sumatra is among the renowned attraction for tourist in Indonesia. As the largest lake in Southeast Asia, the Lake Toba has a history whose presence stems... Read more »

The Better Options for the Perfect Work Experience for You

In this article you will learn the subtleties of the preparation of a report on work experience. Work practice is a summer unpaid student practice in an enterprise. Attention! If you doubt... Read more »
Wonderful Indonesia

Makassar Attractions Which Must Be Visited This Year

As the biggest city in Eastern Indonesia, Makassar has its own allure. Makassar tourism started to be widely known to the public. The attractions are entire, ranging from shopping, nature, to history.... Read more »

How teachers save time with school reporting software

Teachers understand just how time-consuming marking and report writing can be and are always looking for ways to create greater efficiency and save time within their processes. School reporting software should provide... Read more »